31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 15, Zach Bonner

Monday, October 15, 2012

Can we pause for a moment?

On Thursday, I am getting an unexpected and exciting opportunity to conduct a phone interview with Zach Bonner.

Who is Zach Bonner?

He is the subject of a Little Red Wagon, a movie that premieres here, and in nine other cities, on Friday. I "screened" it last night, and it blew me away. As a mother, as a human being, and as a Christian, this movie is a must see. Talk about inspirational. Talk about the sort of kid I want my kid to emulate. Check out the trailer:

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Zach was nine when he started using his little red wagon to collect water for hurricane victims. In that process, he met homeless children, and he has not stopped advocating for them. I'm amazed at his focus and determination. The movie does not talk about Zach's faith, so I am curious about that. Something drives him, and he is clearly doing the sort of work Jesus told us to do. Whatever his beliefs, I am moved. Here is a piece about his real-life walk, and passion. 

Want to learn even more? Check out his Little Red Wagon Foundation website.

I wonder what we can learn from Zach? Perhaps a few things about making our time count? His time spent walking and working on behalf of homeless children must be the definition of quality time. I'm trying to imagine his daily "to do" list. I don't know that I would want him to see mine.

Here is my question for you: What should I ask him?

I recognize the irony in this situation - a phone interview when I'm trying to be less distracted by the phone. But, this is a time sensitive and unique opportunity. I hope y'all don't mind the interruption. I think it will be worth it. I'll report back with my interview, and more about the movie, on Friday. Here is a quick teaser: If you are local, you will recognize many people and places in Little Red Wagon. It was filmed in and around Charleston! Make plans now to go see it.

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10 Responses to “31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 15, Zach Bonner”

  1. What an amazing story. And I recognized Brad Franco as the local news cameo and the Mexican store on Johns Island so there must be a Charleston connection. Was it filmed here? I think I would ask Zach if he has any political aspirations or what he would like to do when he grows up. How long will he walk?

  2. Thanks, Summer! That is a great question - I will ask it. It was filmed in and around Charleston and in the summer of 2010 he walked all the way across the country. I'm not sure what his latest plans are, but I will ask!

  3. thank you for sharing this - I look forward to seeing the movie - and even just seeing this reminds me that we must keep things in perspective. life is hard - but God is great - we have much work to do for Him.

  4. Kelli - You are so right. This movie definitely puts things in perspective. And as a mom of boys, I think it will especially touch your heart.

  5. Thanks for bringing this altruistic man and his film to my attention. I look forward to your interview!

  6. This sounds like such an amazing opportunity, Courtney! I think you should ask him exactly what is on your mind -- What drives you?

  7. I love reading stories of young ones that get creative in helping others. Using what you have - a red wagon.

  8. Wow! This movie looks really great. Hmmm. What to ask? What has been the most difficult thing about his journey? Does he have any regrets?

  9. So cool! I would ask what is the best thing that's happened from his journey so far.

  10. Ooh! How exciting! I can't wait to hear the follow up. Good lead, thanks!