31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 16, Taxi Cab Confessions

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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One holiday weekend years ago, I had a conversation with a see-you-at-Thanksgiving relative. Her kids are teenagers, and we talked about the different paths we took that lead us to stay-at-home motherhood. You never know how those conversations are going to go, and I remember being relieved that ours flowed smoothly. As we discussed the realities of motherhood, she brought up how she spent much of her time before her kids could drive - as chauffeur. I expected her to roll her eyes and tell me how awful it was. She didn't. She told me that she liked it.

"It's when they tell you everything," she confided. "Make sure you are the one who picks them up. You will hear amazing conversations in the backseat, and you will learn so much about your kids and their friends. They will talk to you and tell you things . . . things they won't say when you're at home, face to face. There is something about being in the car with them. They talk to you then."

Though my children are still quite young, I have found this to be true. The first five minutes in the car after school are when I learn the most about their day. Later, if we are in the car again for an afternoon activity, more stories come out.

But not if I'm on the phone.

So that is why I'm working on this:
For me, it means leaving the phone alone while I am in the car with my kids.

What does it mean for you? 
And, do you agree with my relative? Do kids talk in the car? Is that important pay-attention time?

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