31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 18, A Peek

Thursday, October 18, 2012

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It's true. Sometimes, often actually, when the boys get in the car and I ask, "How was your day?" the answer is, "Fine." I wait.


They don't reveal deep truths or connect with me in some profound way as we pull away from school or back out of the driveway. They chat about silly things, like diggers and dump trucks on the road, or they make gross noises. They stare out the window with glassy eyes. 

At those times, I am tempted to whip out my phone and return some calls. I think about how many texts I might respond to at the next red light. Then a thought flickers . . . 

"Mama, can I tell you somefin'?"
"Mama, guess what?"
"Do you know what Mrs. _____ tell me?"

 . . . and I'm glad I am working on this habit. When they talk, even if it is "just" about who was the Star Student or who finished lunch first, I learn more about each boy, and who he is. I am getting clues about what is important to Big Guy, and what matters to Little Guy. Any conversation where I truly make myself available - in the car, at home, or elsewhere - is a priceless peek into their developing minds and blossoming personalities. 

Totally worth a delayed phone call or unanswered text.

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