31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 2, A Schedule for These Days

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Anyone who knows me, or has been reading this blog for any length of time, may wave a hand at me and say, "Oh, please. You already do that, Courtney. You are so organized." I still shake my head in disbelief when people say that to me. I'm a list-maker, yes, but I'm not "so organized." I show up at meetings without my part of the agenda, and I rarely make it out of the driveway without pulling back in for something. I am a multi-tasking mom, that's what I am - and I need a schedule.

Before kids, when I was a lawyer on the 26th floor, I lived by a daily schedule. I had appointments, a detailed calendar, and my life revolved around the billable hour. Everything in my day was measured. Perhaps it is because of that regimented time that I have fought the idea of scheduling the details of my day now. More likely, it is because I still buy into the notion that what I'm doing now isn't as "important" as what I was doing then. I hate to say that, but it is truly something I've struggled with in my subconscious. I may not be writing "motion hearing" on my calendar these days, but certainly my time is just as valuable to me. Right?

What a notion: My time is valuable . . . even if someone isn't paying me for it. Valuable things should be taken care of, measured, treasured. Therefore, these busy mothering days require - deserve - a schedule, too.  

Jamie at Steady Mom has some wonderful words of wisdom on this topic. Start there as you consider your own daily schedule. Here is Jamie's. When I first saw it, I thought it was kind of strange to be so detailed, but now that I've lived a number of days where I never got around to "get myself dressed and ready for the day," I can see the wisdom in her system. 

Do you give the hours of your stay-at-home mom days the type of professional courtesy you gave/give your working ones?

So many creative souls participating in 31 Days - check them out.

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