31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 21, Slow

Sunday, October 21, 2012

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As I sat here contemplating how to begin this post, I looked at the cup of ice cream in my hand and realized that I ate most of it in two minutes. Hello there, Habit No. 4.

Why do I do that?!

Most women I know blame it on motherhood. We gulp down our food because the faster our meal is finished, the faster we can get back to wiping mouths, cleaning up spills, refilling milk, and encouraging those little ones to, "Eat!!" Tonight, I don't even have that excuse. The boys are in bed. I'm simply in the bad habit of eating fast, all the time.

Gross. Eww. Yuck. I want it to stop.

There are obvious reasons to slow down: When I eat slowly, I digest food more easily. When I savor each bite, I become more responsible about how much and what I am eating. But there is a bigger reason: When I eat slowly, the meal becomes less about consumption and more about company and conversation.  

That is good for me, and better for my children. That thing that I blame for eating quickly - motherhood - is the exact reason why I should be eating slowly. My children are watching! I want them to learn how to eat with others; how to talk, and take bites, and how to wait for the other person to finish. I want them to learn that fastest isn't always best.

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Slow is good. 

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One Response to “31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 21, Slow”

  1. Love this reminder...sometimes I feel like I inhale food instead of gratitude for the One who gave it. Although rapid consumption of ice cream might be considered wise...there's little savoring in ice cream that is now soup. ;)