31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 23, The Anchor

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Our recently-turned four year old has mastered the art of eating slowly. He picks, complains a little, eats, rearranges, eats, gets up to go to the bathroom, goes back to wash his hands, complains a little more, and eats again. He is the anchor, the ball and chain, pulling against our family's mad dash to the clean plate club finish line. 

I'm glad he's filling that role. Someone has to. Someone needs to slow us down, and keep us at the table just a little bit longer. I've wasted time worrying and fretting over his meal time habits. But he is no pickier than your average four year old, and he is healthy - in the 80th percentile for weight - so I'm not dealing with a child who has actual eating issues. I'm just dealing with a child who doesn't gulp down his food in 10 minutes.

Not a bad thing.

Maybe even a blessing.

Does your family have a slow eater? How do you feel about it?

More on the virtues of eating slowly: How to Become a Slow Eater at Summer Tomato

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