31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 3, The Afternoons

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Tuesday was the one day Little Guy does not have preschool. Ideally, it is my least scheduled day. Once we get Big Guy out the door for Kindergarten (thanks to Hubby who takes him), we are "free" until pick up at 2:15. It is that "free" time that slips away so easily. I don't want to fill it in with a bunch of activities, just to have something to write down - I want to use it, intentionally.

With that thought in mind, I accomplished a handful of small tasks around the house (make phone calls, get package ready for an Amazon return, pay bills, collect art supplies for school project) while Little Guy played. He enjoys having the house, and the toys, to himself once in a while. He explored all the Legos in his brother's room, and we colored. We ran some errands, and I exercised. I stopped to play Old Maid when he asked me.
That felt good, but the afternoon fell apart. I tried to do some computer work while the boys played, but really, they just rolled around on the floor while I fussed at them to be quiet so "I can do this one thing real quick." It seemed ridiculous, and it was. I sent them outside and they came back in filthy. I am realizing that as much as I want to schedule my days, my afternoons need to look like this:

          2:30 - Pick up Big Guy
          3:00 - Snack and Homework
          3:30 - Play with the kids (no computer!!)
          5:00 - Get ready for dinner

Big Guy had a flag football game after dinner, and I had to go to a meeting. So, afternoon quality time together would have been a good thing. I should have been playing with them, or they could have helped me with chores that remain undone - like putting away the clean clothes. The computer definitely needs to go away in the afternoon. 

Definitely. Tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 3, The Afternoons”

  1. I love that the boys came in so dirty after 20 minutes. They must have had a good time with mother nature and each other while Mama was on the computer..... really!!!! Mrs.Polly

  2. I completely relate. I have learned to forget about the computer in the afternoons as well. Every single time, without fail, I get frustrated and my son gets extra demanding of my attention. I find that we're both much happier with this way of life than if I prioritize "this one thing real quick" (I have used that line as well) over snuggling during an episode of Curious George or playing pretend with him. I love this challenge that you've taken on, and you are encouraging me as you find your way to what's best for you and your family. :)