31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 31, The End

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It is Day 31.

Blogging every day is exhausting. My original observation remained true - it was ironic that I wrote about quality time when I wasn't enjoying much of it due to so much blogging! Still, I enjoyed thinking about quality time and working on habits that can improve my days from here on out. Here is a little review:

This is about me respecting my time now as much as I did during my working days, and living accordingly. When I map out my days, I assign value to what I am doing. When I allow for "margin," and do not over-schedule, there is less stress. Good stuff.

This one did not work for me. Once my day is going, I cannot stop for five minutes of silence. Is that sad? I don't know, but it is true. Yesterday morning, though, I got up early enough to enjoy my own private quiet time, just like I used to. It was bliss. Those quiet times have suffered in October because of all this blogging. So perhaps this one works for me, as long as I get up early and do it.

For me, this habit means staying off the phone when my kids are in the car. The safety reasons are obvious. The conversational reasons are just as important. They share more than I might expect during those car rides around town, as long as I'm available to listen.

The basic idea is to enjoy family meals, and get out of the new-mom habit of scarfing down my food as though I'm still eating while standing up and holding a baby. That excuse is over for me, but I continue to eat quickly, without thinking. If I slow down to savor meals more, not only will I reap the obvious health benefits, but I might enjoy all four of us being around the table.

It sounds like a simple question, but how often do you ask your spouse, "How was your day?" And if you ask, how often do you listen to the response? I'm guilty of not asking, and not listening. This habit is important, and is simply a vehicle for talking to and hanging out with my husband, every day. That doesn't sound like much, but as life gets busy with jobs and kids and meetings and sports, I realize how even 1% of our time requires thought.

What do you think of these habits? Have you been working on them, or are you going to work on them? Do some resonate with you more than others?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'll be hanging out in the comments - and not blogging - for a while.

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