31 Days of Quality Time :: Day 7, Valuable

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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The most important thing I've learned from practicing Habit No. 1 is that my time is valuable. I don't want to waste it flittering from one activity to the next. I want to think about it, and use it wisely. 
As I've come to embrace "the schedule" - figuring out a rhythm for these changing days, what works, and what doesn't, it may be ironic that I've suddenly become more comfortable with being late. I am more comfortable with missing an email, or not replying for two days. The stress of always being available and always saying yes and being responsible to everyone is simply . . . foolish.
Quality time means more margin in my schedule. I live that when I believe that my time - what I'm doing these days - is valuable.

It is.

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