Just Curious: September and October

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Curious - Results

*You are rule breakers - wearing white after Labor Day! Rebels!! Love it. Though I have to say that I generally fall into the "can't do it" category. I can't wear white pants after Labor Day - other white is fine. Don't ask me to explain.

*The Disqus comment system works for most, but enough of you have trouble with it that I'm considering changing. Actually, I'd like to do a major overhaul of this whole site, but baby steps . . . baby steps. 

*No one claims to get a pedicure "all the time," but we like them. There is always a good reason for one, even as the sandals get put away . . . because it is really all about the massage chair and silly magazines.  Right?

*Stores, take note: No one is ready for Christmas in late September. Good gracious. Let us at least get through Halloween.

*The last thing you do before getting in bed is . . . watch TV. I do too, but (I know you'll find this so shocking) I usually have this computer in my lap while "watching" TV. I hardly ever just sit there and watch. I'm weird. I know. Then, I do the "other" last thing - check on the kids, and get in bed. Ahh, bed.

*Political commentary on Facebook is annoying and misplaced. Never helpful. Ever.

*Like me, you were inspired by Zach Bonner.

*I had some technical issues with my first Halloween poll, but the results of the second one were clear: Halloween, you're over it. Me too.

Finally, a quick plug for a great local event that will spread Thanksgiving cheer:
Come to The Coastal Cupboard’s Charity Knife Sharpening Event at its Belle Hall Shopping Center location from Friday, November 2 through Sunday, November 4. Guests can get their knives professionally sharpened for just a $1 donation per knife, where ALL PROCEEDS benefit the Charleston Basket Brigade – a local nonprofit that aims to feed 20,000 Charleston Tri-County residents in need this year at Thanksgiving. Guests may also enjoy free gourmet food tastings, get free knife skills lessons, and enter a charity raffle to win culinary prizes!

NEW THIS YEAR – multiple knife sharpening stations to accommodate the crowds!

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