Trend Breakers - A Book on Friendship for You

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've got a gift for you!

My friend, Kelly, has written an e-book: 

and it is GREAT. I just finished reading it, and I am inspired to step away from my gazillion "too busy" excuses and reconnect with my friends. This quote really got me:

American culture thrives on living the busiest life possible. Ball games, PTA meetings, and chances to volunteer at charitable organizations are all great, but if I do it without taking time to develop friends, then I will find myself not only busy, but alone.
Hello! Yes. So true. Busy, but alone. Quality relationships take time and attention. They take prayer and devotion. Kelly's book not only points you in the right direction, but she provides practical advice and tips on how to deepen current relationships and make new friends, too. Kelly bases all of her wisdom in scripture. I am truly impressed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the Bible. For all these reasons,Trend Breakerswould make a perfect women's Bible study book. It is also great to read on your own, like I did.


Kelly is offering a a $2 discount to anyone who purchases the PDF version of the book between now and December 13th. Use this code: TRUEFRIEND and click here.

Also, the Kindle version is on sale for $2.99 right now. Click here for the Kindle version.

Even better . . . Kelly has given me a PDF copy to giveaway to one of you, free. All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question:

What is the last fun thing you did with a friend? 

Giveaway will be open for one week. I will announce the winner (picked randomly) next Thursday, the 12th. Good luck!

*This contest is now closed.*

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9 Responses to “Trend Breakers - A Book on Friendship for You”

  1. I have a little "Mom's Supper Club" here with a bunch of really close friends. We go out every other month or so and reconnect since we are all at different schools, churches, etc. It is great! We tried a new restaurant in downtown Richmond last week and had a wonderful time!!!

  2. last week a girlfriend and i got together for breakfast after dropping children off at school. we met up at 8:20 and three hours later we were still chatting away. very relaxing! since we were enjoying the company we decided to run some errands together. it was a nice break from the mundane of coming home to a house full of chores after morning drop off.

  3. We went to the UK/UL women's basketball game and UK won on a 3 pointer with 8 seconds left!! We had a blast!!

  4. I love that one of my best friends and I workout together twice a week. It makes the mundane task of exercising SO much better, I have a person to "whine" with AND afterwards we are usually seen chatting in the parking lot 30 mins after workout ends. I secretly look forward to these times though the exercise part is not my favorite. :)

  5. What a lovely giveaway, thank you so much Courtney! I met with my friend at the Cristmas Market last weekend. She's a special friend, we go often for a Walk & Talk - spending a little hour in the fresh air ;)

  6. Ha! My answer is already here! Hanging out in the parking lot after our workouts with Carolne! Definitely the highlight of my workouts :-)

    1. Nancy - You are the winner! Love that your answer was already here. That is just awesome :)

  7. this week I hung out with Jenn of Daze of Adventure & Rachel Martin @Finding Joy until about 3 a.m. - they are silly fun girls - we took pictures & laughed and made great plans ;) thanks for hosting

  8. I helped my best friend host a fantastic craft fair as she begins her fundraising to move to Tanzania!