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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

As I write this, I'm in a dreamy place. Christmas is over, but the vacation lingers. No school, no schedules, lots of TV movies, and cookies for breakfast. Lego creations litter every surface, and I know I will snap out of this "who cares?" stupor soon. For now, it's nice to be lazy. It's nice to simply hang out, and enjoy one another.

I had a cold. That definitely contributed to the lazy factor. I felt like I could sleep for hours, and I did. But now . . . well, 2013 is on the horizon. It will be here when you read this. It is time for me to sit up straight, stretch, and think about what a new year will bring.

Well, I don't know what it will bring, of course. The real question is, what will I bring to 2013? I propose three ideas:

(1) I will bring an open mind. The politics of 2012 left me exhausted, and that's saying something for this political science major. I was once a news junkie. Now I find myself avoiding it, which is terrible. I don't want to hide. I refuse to bury my head in the sand. In 2013, I want to be more aware of the world, even with all its awful wars and hate and uncertainty. I want to do a better job of engaging with people who have different ideas than me, to find out why, and what we can learn from each other. My husband teases me that I'm such a Libra - indecisive and overly diplomatic. This is true. I can almost always see both sides to every argument. It is why conflict pains me. But maybe I can use that "I hear you,"mindset to actually hear what is going on in the world, and to reach out, whenever and wherever I can. 

(2) I will bring me. I've read enough blogs, parenting books, and magazines to learn at least one thing: I need to be present with my kids. I need to listen when they talk to me, and give them my full attention for at least a portion of the day. Technology - my smart phone, to be specific - is the biggest distraction. I've continued my pledge to stay off it in the car, but I'm slipping at every red light. A quick check every time I walk in the kitchen becomes ridiculous. I don't want my kids to grow up thinking that a phone is an appendage and that it is weird for someone to look you in the eye when you talk to them. Paying attention is something to practice, teach and learn.

(3) I will bring love. I am becoming more and more aware that the words to the old hymn are true, "They will know we are Christians by our love." They will know - as in people are watching. Little people in my house are watching, and big people in my little world are watching. I might as well be aware of it. And what are they watching? They are looking for what should be the tell-tale sign of Christianity: Love. I am asking God to help me keep love in the forefront of my mind. 

No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. I John 4:12

What are you bringing to 2013?

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6 Responses to “Bring It”

  1. Oh, that technology. It was easy over the Christmas break for me to step away from it, but now that the older kids are at school, it sucks me right back in and I have to force myself to shut it down when they come home! Of course, this week I use the excuse that I've been sick, so what else can I do when I'm resting? ;) Love this post, friend. And your heart.

    1. Hi Andrea - So glad you to see you here. I'm just accepting that I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I enjoy it in so many ways, then I find myself wanting to live in a quiet, unplugged, vacation-land. There's got to be a happy medium somewhere. Discipline on that front is my 2013 goal.

  2. Hi! I found your blog...accidentally lol I thought I was clicking on someone else's blog and then I realized this wasn't the same person! Technology is so funny. But I'm glad I found it!

    I think I got my son the same lego set that your boy is playing with in the picture! I can't remember where from though... It was on sale...on Black Friday I believe...


    1. Hi Jess - So glad you accidentally got here! It seems that I simply stumble upon most blogs, so it works for me! Legos are universal, aren't they? The ones he is playing with were a Christmas gift . . . we are loaded with Legos!

  3. oh i LOVE these lazy vacation days. and i LOVE that you're going to bring love to 2013. bless you friend.

    1. Thank you, Emily. I love that you were here. You always inspire me.