Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Over the weekend, I was in the car for more than ten hours, by myself, with our two young boys. Surprisingly, this left me a lot of time to think. As they played games or watched a movie, I found myself needing adult conversation. So, I listened to NPR. I heard a fascinating interview with Martin Riddiford, one of the inventors of GravityLight. It is an invention which may one day, hopefully, replace kerosene lamps in the developing world. Here is a short video:

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The good news is, they got their funding - and then some. Riddiford was quick to thank many generous Americans, which made me smile. You can read more about the current state of the project from the developers themselves, here, and what folks in the UK are saying about it, here.

It sounds super cool to me, and I'm excited about how it might shine a little light into the dark parts of the world. I'm also touched by the generosity of these inventors, and what they are trying to do. Very good news.

What are your thoughts? Had you heard about this? 

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One Response to “GravityLight”

  1. As someone who has spent years helping Rwandans, this is quite exciting. Love the way God creates people with minds to think of something so amazing! Thanks for sharing it, never heard of it. And I love NPR, such interesting stories there when I have time to pay attention. :)