Papers on the Table for Daddy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is one of the ways we communicate at our house. 

The kids come home with mountains of school papers. I always go through them right away, but they have a tendency to get lost or forgotten by the time Daddy gets home. I've found that the best place to save them is at his place on the kitchen table. They sit there until the next time we all have dinner together, which is sometimes that night, or sometimes three nights later. Either way, there they wait. 

When the four of sit down together, Daddy goes through the papers and gives each child the desired kudos for his work. The papers are great little conversation starters. Perhaps most beneficial, the Hubs gets caught up on many of the facts and happenings that occupy my brain. He learns that Big Guy is working on telling time, and that Little Guy will have his mid-year assessment next week. He sees the reading lists, the weekly updates, and the supplies requested for the next fundraiser. He skims those details, raises an eyebrow and gives me an appreciative "you got all this?" look. He learns this without me telling/reminding/nagging him. It is glorious. 

How do you keep your spouse in the loop on school work?

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5 Responses to “Papers on the Table for Daddy”

  1. Courtney- I already knew this, but you are brilliant. Consider this idea STOLEN! Love it!

    1. Ha! I don't know about THAT, Lindsey, but I'm glad you like it :) Hope you have a super day!

  2. Love this!! Stealing this idea too! :)

  3. You know sometimes you come across an idea and you think to yourself "why didn't I think of that". Great idea, Courtney! I'm definitely stealing, too!

  4. Great idea! I have a tendency to just take care of the things that are kid/school related and I don't keep Brent in the loop. If I tried to tell him all of it, his eyes would just glaze over so this is a great way to get him involved without talking. Thanks!!!!