The Opposite of Love

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wet :: Dry
Black :: White
Life :: Death
In :: Out
Hot :: Cold
Love :: _____

Did you think, "hate?" I did. Our pastor did that little experiment in church on Sunday, and everyone else thought, "hate," too. But he had a different answer. 

"The opposite of love isn't hate," he explained. "It's fear. The opposite of love is fear. "
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear. I John 4: 18
Fear drives us to dark places, places filled with suspicion, anxiety, anger, doubt . . . all the mess we know about. But love stands opposite of fear, and that is a cool thought. It is a good concept to hang onto, as we enter this new year. As we start fresh, assess goals and think ahead, it is important to ask: Am I being driven by love, or by fear? 

What did you think was the opposite of love? 

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10 Responses to “The Opposite of Love”

  1. Ooh, I fell for the "hate" answer, too. But yes, "fear." That's it. Convicting me...

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Fear is it - so much to think about.

  2. This is so true. I often think of apathy as the opposite of love, but I think you've really hit on an amazing truth, Courtney. Only problem for me, I have a huge problem with fear! Yikes! I guess that means I really need to grow in my faith. Thanks for this eye-opening post, my friend.

    1. Hi Beth, Thanks for stopping by. This wasn't even the main point of our pastor's sermon on Sunday, but it sure is the part that stuck with me. Glad you found it eye-opening, too.

  3. oh, you know why i love this so? because my word is "fearless", you know. and in thinking on that, the opposite of fear often comes to me in words like courage and strength. . . but LOVE. . . ah, now i have a different direction to ponder. and i quite like it!!! these words--God-given to me this day. really. i woke this morning with my stomach in knots and just again wondering about this year and this place God has me walking and this {stupid} word of the year. . . well, i can see now where God would have me focus in this "fearless quest." thank you, courtney! i'll reference you when i write my post about this :-)
    have a great day!

    1. Hi Steph - So glad this was just what you needed! Isn't it funny when God works like that :) Can't wait to read about where your 2013 fearless quest takes you.

  4. Ooh, Courtney...I've always thought "apathy", but I think your answer is better. Perfect love drives out fear. Oh, yes. Thank you.

    1. Hmm - apathy. I hadn't thought about that one, but yes, I'd say it is the opposite of love, too. I think fear can lead to apathy though. We are sometimes afraid to act, so we don't.

  5. Your answer hit me, too. I have long thought the opposite of love was indifference. Still do, on the one hand, because indifference is heartless. But "fear" is so biblical an answer. At least fear blocks love, and perfect love (that would be God's love) drives out the love blocker. Makes me think about my fears and consider how they're blocking love... and how it's His love that overcomes them, so that's what I need to call on!

    1. Yep - I think you are exactly right. Fear can block love, or at least it is a huge obstacle. Good way to think about it.