Love and Work

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Love is four letter word," our pastor said one Sunday, "and that word is, work."

(Photo by our oldest, age 6)
He meant that in a lot of ways. I couldn't help but think of it when we sat in the same room six days later for a marriage retreat. The husband and wife speaking team said, "The definition of work in marriage, by the way, is doing something you are not inclined to do."

"Let me repeat that," she said. "The definition of work in marriage is doing something you are not inclined to do."

Ding-ding-ding! Love is work . . . and sometimes that means doing something you are not inclined to do. Think about that in terms of your own marriage, and how (especially after many years, and babies, and jobs, and just life) a slight change can mean so much. Maybe you overlook that fault, maybe you say yes when he expects no, maybe you smile, maybe you speak up, maybe you pause. Whatever IT is - and you know what IT is - maybe today is the day to approach it differently.

Maybe today is the day to work at your marriage? 

What do you think of this definition? Is it helpful?

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3 Responses to “Love and Work”

  1. you are right - it is good work though

  2. yes, work. and Ollie's right, too. love is its own reward.

    thanks for linking to IP! :)

  3. YES. this is so helpful. i've never heard this before, but i was actually thinking something similar today when my husband seemed kind of sad and i thought, I should ask if he wants to play board game. not because i wanted to, but because it would cheer him up. xo