Just Curious: January and February

Monday, March 4, 2013

"What's goin' on over there?"
The results of our weekly anonymous poll* - aren't you Just Curious?

(1)  You are mostly resolving to do something healthy this year. Good for you! Me too. Besides the usual "exercise more" I'm trying something new: don't eat after 7:30 p.m. I read somewhere that in order to metabolize everything properly, our bodies need a 12 hour fast each night. That is why breakfast is what it is - breaking the fast. I'm guilty of snacking almost every night after the kids are in bed. Now, I'm staying away from the munchies at night, except for on the weekends. (Reality check: I'm not nearly so disciplined by the end of February, but at least I feel guilty about it.)

(2)  Wow. Most of you eat dinner together every night. I'm amazed. And feeling a little guilty, though I know I shouldn't. We try to eat together every night, but often one of us has a meeting . . . so when all four of us are around the table, it is special. Still, I'm motivated to make it happen more often now.

(3)  When you cook, most of you use a recipe. Me, too!

(4)  I feel so much better: Your kids "only"participate in after-school activities once or twice a week, too. This is proof that when it seems like all the other kids are taking guitar and French and swimming and basketball . . . they're not. And honestly, who cares if they are? You've gotta do what's best for you.

(5)  Apparently I'm one of the only ones who watched the Super Bowl and Downton Abbey on February 3rd. Most of you watched the Super Bowl, which makes me wonder - what did you think of Beyonce's halftime show? It generated a lot of online debate in the week that followed. I read opinions as diverse as calling the performance "slutty," to one defending Beyonce as "sexy, but not objectifying women."

(6)  Most of you used store bought valentines for your kid's classroom needs. Me, too. We embellished them with stickers, notes, larger envelopes, etc - but this decision was based on pure numbers for me. Two kids with 20+ to make each = not from scratch.

(7)  By a slim margin, we rarely go to bed at the same time as our spouses. I'm told this is an unhealthy marital habit, but like most of you, I'm guilty. During football season, he stays up later than me. At other times, the opposite is true. It seems that the solution may be for us to have a TV in the bedroom, but I'm also told that is a martial no-no. I think the value in going to bed together is (partly) the pillow talk - that recounting of the day together when all the noise finally quiets. Happily, no one selected "never" for this question, and a couple of you even said you "always" go to bed together. Something for the rest of us to work towards, perhaps.

(8) Most of you have not given up anything for Lent. (All the easier to stick with it!)

*It's really, truly anonymous - so vote! Email readers, click here to express yourself.

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