VeggieTales - The Little House that Stood

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

*This giveaway is closed. Congratulations, Jane-Ellis!*

Okay. We're just getting spoiled around here. 

How would you like to win the newest VeggieTales movie?

Oh, you would? Your kids are crazy about talking tomatoes and smiling squash, too? You want them to learn about making good choices, and enjoy a silly song or two? 

We watched it the other day, and even my oldest, who is growing out of VeggieTales, enjoyed it. The construction theme definitely appealed to my boys, and this warehouse scene was their favorite.

The DVD also includes a Mother Goose story, The Good Egg of Gooseville, which is just as long and just as cute as the feature presentation. Quite a lot packed into this DVD!

What are you waiting for? Enter to win! 

Simply leave a comment telling me which VeggieTales character is your child's favorite.

*This giveaway closes at midnight on Saturday, March 9th. The winner will be picked at random and announced on Sunday, March 10th.

A gift for everyone: here is a coloring page for you to print out. (This is the first time I've ever linked up something from Google Docs, so please let me know if it works!)

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6 Responses to “VeggieTales - The Little House that Stood”

  1. My kids like Larry the cucumber. Jack has outgrown the DVDs but can't help but be drawn in when Graham watches them. They love the pirates one! The coloring page worked!

  2. Larry is my daughter's favorite character.

  3. My favorite character is Junior Asparagus. I love that little mister for many reasons. Charlie has always been partial to zee French Peas. Peter's favorite is Larry Boy, while George's fave is probably Madame Blueberry. What's not to love about Veggie Tales?

    1. Congratulations, Jane-Ellis! You won :) And I have to agree, who doesn't love Junior? He is a cutie. Send me an email with your contact info and we'll get it out!

  4. Cool! We haven't watched Veggie Tales in ages, but my kids dug out their old ones recently when they were feeling nostalgic. If you can feel that way at 13, 11, and 8! They really want this particular video for their baby brother. Overall, the fave around here is Larry, I do admit I relate to Bob's curmudgeon-ness just a wee bit. ;)

  5. We love Veggie Tales at our house! Even though my girls should be too old for them, they will still all watch. (Also, it is one that all three can agree to watch together.)