When It's Good to Start the Day Sick

Monday, March 25, 2013

The sky during the Walk. It looked threatening, but it did not rain.
My son thought it was really odd that I thanked God for feeling sick on Friday. Here's why:

I felt awful after breakfast, and immediately feared the worst, "I've got the stomach bug that has been running rampant through our school!" I'd heard it was terrible, a days-long experience, and my mind raced with everything I would not be able to accomplish. I was supposed to drop Little Guy off at school, gather the final round of donations for the Walk for Water, deliver it to the Water Missions headquarters in North Charleston, and return just in time to pick him up at noon. My morning was packed. Nausea set in.

It was all I could do to get him to school, and myself back home.

I called in reinforcements. Surprise! The world kept spinning without me. I could feel God telling me to let it go, to rest, that it's not about me at all, and that plenty of other people are more than capable of handling "my job." As I sat by my phone, ready to assist, all I got were texts of "Feel better!" and "It's all taken care of. Don't worry!" What a gift. I sat on the couch and watched HGTV for the first time in ages. I felt better. No stomach bug after all. Joy!

When it was time for school pick-up, I drove away from my house a new woman. I felt great! I was full of relief and a renewed purpose. Then I heard a strange noise coming from the engine. Every time I accelerated, it got worse. Oh my. It sounded awful, and something smelled kind of strange. I looked at the oil change sticker on the window, and found the number for our faithful mechanic. I retrieved my son, and prayed as I drove us the short distance to his shop. "Please get us through this next intersection, Lord. Thank you. Okay, now the next one. Just get us there." We made it.

Little Guy and I sat in the repair shop eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The mechanic came out with the news, "It's gonna have to be towed to the dealership. An oil valve popped off. You lost 5 quarts, and the engine is a mess. Thankfully, the valve is a recalled part and they will have to replace it for free."

A million thoughts went through my head, but first this:
*Thank the dear Lord I wasn't on the side of the road between my house and Water Missions with hundreds of dollars in cash to turn in by noon.
*Thank the dear Lord this happened today, instead of next weekend, when we will be driving to North Carolina for Easter.
*Thank the dear Lord I'm sitting here physically able to deal with this and not sick with a stomach bug!
And of course, thank the dear Lord the part is under recall.

Turns out, the recall expires on March 31st, so yes - thank the dear Lord that it happened exactly when it happened.

My husband was able to come get us (no small miracle that the timing worked out with his schedule to do that) and I was able to use his car to pick up our kindergartner, and a friend who needed a ride home. Later, we all piled into our surviving vehicle to watch the boys do karate testing, and we went out to dinner after to celebrate two new orange belts.

As we finally settled down and relaxed over dinner, we marveled at how God's hand is always present, in everything. If I hadn't stayed home sick, if I really had been sick, if I'd been somewhere else when the noise started, if the part wasn't under recall, if, if, if . . .

So, yes. Thank you, Lord, for that sick feeling. It was the right way to start that day.

Have you ever seen the Lord working in the mundane, bad days?

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P.S. Thanks for your patience last week. Only one post is highly unusual for me. I'm happy to report that the Walk was a success. Thank you for your prayers and support. I'll have pictures and more to post about it soon.

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8 Responses to “When It's Good to Start the Day Sick”

  1. This post lifted up my heart Courtney - it's such a blessing to read how richly God blessed you in the resting on Friday. Praising Him for His abounding kindness...

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I'm so glad it touched you in that way. Hope you are having a wonderful Holy Week.

  2. Oh my goodness, I've been meaning to ask if your car was "well" again, I didn't know you started the day not feeling well either!! But...
    God is Good, All the Time...All the Time, God is GOOD!!
    (and I am so sorry I didn't offer a ride...or my expert mechanic skills on Friday! Sick child was equaling frazzled mama!)

    1. Hi Lauren! I know - Friday was a crazy day. But your bow ties for the boys made it much better! Can't wait for them to wear them for Easter.

  3. Wow! What an amazing day you had! I love to hear things like this. When I have something that messes with my plans, I usually get angry and upset. I need to always remember that God's hand is in everything and something that seems like a mistake is what needs to happen! Glad you were able to have that perspective in the moment!

    1. Believe me, Jayda, there are still days when I get upset or angry about "stuff" happening. It just so happened that I could see things more clearly on Friday. This post is for me to remind myself of God's work in the future, too :)

  4. Oh, yes, I can totally relate. I'm encouraged by the way you saw God moving in when things weren't necessarily going your way. Hope you and your car are better.

    1. Hi Kristin - Car is fine now. They even vacuumed it out for me, which was a bonus! Thanks!