Kitchen Reminders of What's Important

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last week, a envelope arrived from Compassion International. It held a new photo of Ronald. 
2011 and 2013
He's grown! He looks older. More sure of himself. Perhaps stronger all around? I hope so. I want to hug him. He wrote us last week, too. He says that he prays for us, and that the goat and hen are doing well. We wrote him back, online. (Compassion makes it easy.) We sent him pictures of the boys holding little Ugandan flags they made out of Legos.

It all sounds so precious, and it is. My boys care about a boy in Uganda, love him and pray for him,  but they also fuss and fight with each other like, well, brothers. We seem to be in a super competitive ("I was first!" "NO, I was!" "No!!! Me!!") and whiney season. (Dear Lord, Please let it be a season.) So just a few feet away from Ronald's photos on our refrigerator, our chalkboard holds another important reminder: 
That's the verse (or theme) we are working on this spring. I need it for myself as much as anyone. Believe it or not, I'm not always a glowing ray of sunshine. 

Ronald's photos, and the chalkboard words are reminders for me of what's important. I want them to shout at me every time I walk by to fix a meal, do the dishes, fetch a band-aid, or sweep the floor. Some days, the words and the photos need neon blinking borders. Other days, I get it. I see them clearly and I get it. But always, I need the reminders.

How do you remind yourself of what's important?

If you'd like to learn more about sponsoring a child through Compassion, click here.

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4 Responses to “Kitchen Reminders of What's Important”

  1. Ah, getting kids to get along. That was always such a difficult task, but it was so worth the journey. :-)
    I love your idea of the chalk board with the verse from Philippians. It's a wonderful and constant reminder of how we all need to behave.

  2. Great post! Ronald is so sweet, as are "our" boys, despite any fussing. Probably Ronald fusses with his siblings too. I remind myself of what's important by reading my Bible and looking at pictures of my kids and grandkids every day :) Can you still spare that bookmark of Ronald?

  3. I put verses on a white board, but some days I wish I didn't forget what is most important. I feel I must practice the art of gratitude daily to avoid the complaining or grumbling that threatens and sometimes shows up in my head or heart. Love your honest post! Oh, thank you for helping me not feel alone with fussy boys...mine do it way too much sometimes.

  4. I love that they made lego flags! I actually didn't know you could write online, so thanks for that. We had our last girl until she aged out. Watching her grow, her handwriting become neat as a pin, receiving beautiful crafts from her was priceless. We have a new little girl now. Thanks for this.