Kitchen Safety: Turn In Your Handles

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This falls into the "completely random" category, but it's been on my mind, so here you go:

I grew up with a kid who was severely burned when he toddled into the kitchen and pulled a fryer full of hot oil down on top of himself. I remember feeling bad for him as a kid, but now as a parent - I truly cannot imagine the horror of that moment. He moved away when we were still in elementary school. I often wonder how his life turned out. His accident made my parents especially cautious in the kitchen. One rule I continue is never, ever, never-never, ever leave a pan like this:

Always turn the handle of any pot or pan on the stove like this:
When the handle is facing "in," little hands cannot reach out and grab it, and you won't accidentally bump into it or knock it over. 

Something to think about as you slave over a hot stove today.

What are your kitchen safety tips? What you share might really help someone! 

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