Why God Lets Your Kids Embarrass You

Monday, May 13, 2013

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. It was beautiful here, and the boys made it special. I've been thinking a lot about those kiddos, and our time together so far. They make me smile, laugh, and sometimes, cringe. I've written about the cringe-worthy moments for Newby Mom this month:
We can laugh about it now, but I have a friend who prayed fervently during quiet times in church. It was not because she had a pressing need or felt incredibly close to God. It was because her baby had gas. . . 
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3 Responses to “Why God Lets Your Kids Embarrass You”

  1. Heading over there to read! Goodness knows I've had enough of those types of moments myself!

  2. Ha ha ha! Good one! Yes I'm at the stage where I embarrass my son and it amuses me!Seriously he's OK, he had his friends over yesterday and he didn't know what to do with the girl who came the earliest. He said, Mom, can you paint with her?!!! Ha ha! Love it! Patsy from

  3. I enjoyed your article over there - so true. I think sometimes God uses those moments to humble me when, like you said, I need to come down a peg or two. Like Patsy, the roles are now reverses. This morning, before we left for a field trip I was chaperoning, my oldest said, "Just don't embarrass me, please." Jeepers, kind of harsh!