Sunday, July 21, 2013

Now that I've figured out what hashtags are about, they seem so useful and appropriate - like a vocabulary tool I've been missing all these years. One hashtag that's been bouncing around in my head, one I haven't actually used (until now) in a social media setting, is #summertimefail.

This is not a summertime sob story. This is a roll-your-eyes, oh-my-goodness, what-have-I-done-now situation. I've been disorganized, and that has resulted in is a summer that's, honestly, been simple and refreshing - while full of fails. I mean, just look at that plant.

If you've been a victim of #summertimefail I apologize. But maybe you understand? Here are a few of my confessions:
  • I've been late, often.
  • We've made it to one of the Five Local Places to Visit This Summer. Two will be an incredible victory.
  • My kids showed up at a camp they weren't registered for and basically crashed it for the day.
  • I've ordered pizza more times that I care to admit.
  • The VBS t-shirts they had to wear everyday were definitely not clean.
  • Those dirty rain boots may never move off the front porch.
Each confession makes me laugh a little bit. It's a relief. Life can't be correct all the time. In fact, the fails are making this summer pretty fun. Instead of striving for perfection or worrying about lists, we've been:
  • Indulging a certain 4 year-old's obsession with Chutes and Ladders.
  • Hanging out at the pool with absolutely no schedule or regularity (and gasp! buying snacks from the vending machine because I can't remember to pack any).
  • Spending more time with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends visiting from out of town than I can remember doing in a long time.
  • Reading for pleasure, and not recording it in the Summer Reading Log.
  • Stepping over messes I would normally freak out about.
  • Eating, laughing, fighting and playing as a family.
I'm kind of digging #summertimefail. It feels like God is telling me to release, enjoy, and trust that there will be time to pick up the slack later. Definitely later.

Have you ever been through a season of dropping the ball? Did you ever consider the "fails" a way to keep things simple?

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