The Jesus Statue

Friday, July 26, 2013

I was driving the boys home from something. I can't remember what - swimming lessons, the park, something. We were on a familiar road, not far from our house. The light at the intersection was red, a welcome relief.

The curiosity shop was next to us. No one else calls it that, but I'm not sure what to call a farm stand/statuary store/hot tub emporium other than a relic that must have been there when the four lane intersection was a dirt road to the beach. I'm not saying that to insult, simply to explain. It's an interesting spot, nestled between a shopping center and a gas station.

During our pause, I looked, out of curiosity, and my eyes rested on Jesus.

I took this a few days later. 
This was definitely new. Sunlight was shining on his face and he looked so . . . peaceful. I was taken. The noise in the car disappeared from my ears, and I thought, "Well, hello, Jesus." I smiled, and stared.

The light turned green and I sensed that traffic moving again. I gently accelerated. The feeling of having just encountered the Lord, albeit in a (ahem) tacky statuary park surrounded by birdbaths for rival football teams, had me in a happy fog. I couldn't rush off. I felt peaceful and floaty.

Then I slammed on my breaks. A woman turning left from oncoming traffic cut me off to turn into the shop's entrance, located (in relic fashion) only two feet past the corner of the intersection. The road was hers - she simply crossed multiple lanes of traffic to go where she wanted. I was shocked. I had the right of way and I've never seen anyone actually turn in there before. But my first thought was, "Thank you, Jesus."

If I'd been driving at my normal hurried pace, I wouldn't have had time to slam on the breaks. She would have just crashed into me, and my babies. But I wasn't driving normally. Something, a Jesus statue, had slowed me down. The boys asked, "What happened, Mommy?" They felt the breaks, and knew something was up. I answered them honestly.

"Boys, I think God was watching out for us. Did you see that Jesus statute back there? I was looking at it. It kept my attention, and it slowed me down. I'm glad it did, because if we'd been in that intersection just two seconds sooner, that lady would've crashed into us. But we weren't. We were late getting into the intersection because I was looking at Jesus. I think that was God's way of helping us."
He's next to a pelican and a trash can, for heaven's sake.
Now they want me to buy the statue. Every time we pass it, "There's the Jesus statue! Can we buy it?!" I haven't caved yet, but I might. If you see it in our yard, you'll know why.

My "God moments" (as I like to call them) aren't always so obvious, but they are real. These are moments when "normal" changes and I can feel God with me. Sometimes the catalyst is another person, something in nature, and sometimes it is a statue. 

Have you ever had a similar experience? 

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4 Responses to “The Jesus Statue”

  1. How frightening with the children in the van. When RB's father was delayed he always said, "We might have had an accident." I'm sure there are many times we know nothing of God's protection, but when He allows us to see it is precious. Love the picture with all its incredulity.

  2. I love this story. Lately I've been taken with they way simple stories tell big truths. And your post reminded me of something, and I remembered that I had written about it... two years ago. Thanks for leading me back there, to my own story.. I needed to remember.

    1. Angie - I'm so glad you recalled that story, because it is a good one. I tend to think that all those moments of lingering, or being late, or doing something just a little "off" on the planned timeline are Godly interventions. Good to think on that!

  3. I agree with your comment above, Courtney. Oh, and I like the Jesus statue. You should buy it.