Back to School Feast 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Because if we can't celebrate going back to school, then what CAN we celebrate?!?
All summer I felt like a failure with regard to our chalkboard verse. We never memorized it, and it didn't inspire us too much, to be honest. I think we lost sight of the first two words "Be Kind." We just heard, "Do everything without complaining or arguing," and well - that seemed too hard. Everything? Ugh.

I'm hoping to get us back on track now with a more positive spin on the same theme.
I was inspired by the sweet book, Sophie and Sam - buy it if you don't have it. A dear friend gave us ours and just when I think the boys are over it, they pull it off the shelf again. Right after the move they asked to read it, and when I saw that verse I had my "ding!ding!ding!" moment. Perfect way to start the school year: Be kind. Share.
Be a friend. Simple as that.
What are your back to school traditions?

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  1. This looks like y'all had a great dinner! Good verse choice.