Family Traditions - The Glue

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm sorry, but every time I think the words,"family tradition," I immediately hear the Hank Williams, Jr. song, Family Tradition. That song does not at ALL convey what I have in mind here, but it does make me shake my head and laugh.


What I have in mind are the little things we do as families that make our households unique. Ever since I wrote about the evolution of our morning routine, I've been thinking about the spectrum of those habits that identify us as a family: thoughtful efforts, quirky jokes, seasonal events and even the daily mindless routines. All of those things are important because, big or small, they are ways that we celebrate being a family. So when I'm using the word "traditions," here, I don't mean anything fancy - it's mostly the simple stuff that we don't notice too much. THAT'S the glue.

On Fridays, let's start sharing some of our family traditions. Your glue might inspire me. Our family glue might sound curious or silly or clever. I hope clever. 

I'll go first. This one is on Jim. Whenever he walks in the door of our house, he gives a little whistle. It's  a cheerful "sweet-zoo!" and almost sounds like a bird. At first I was like, "Why are you whistling??" but he's persistent. I'm glad. Now his greeting is a sweet noise to me and almost Pavlovian with the boys. Their ears perk up, their heads turn, and without saying a word, we know right away, Daddy's home. It's one small part of what makes our home, our home. 
How do you greet your family? Any unique traditions? If not, could you make it something special?

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4 Responses to “Family Traditions - The Glue”

  1. HI Courtney! What a fun little tradition with your husband!

    I don't know how unique it is, but when we eat dinner, I always have two candles lit. I remember my Mom doing that for us as children, so I guess I am carrying that on. Even when the kids were little, we did that.

    Happy Sunday!

    1. I love that, Ceil. My boys always think it is special if we light a candle at dinner. That is a great tradition.

  2. When we call the family to dinner we call, "Laban, supper's ready." It was on a Bible story tape and somehow it stuck. My youngest daughter is 20 so we've been saying it a long time. I agree, traditions are so important.

    1. Pamela - Exactly! These are exactly the little things I mean. Love this one.