Fun, for 36 Years

Monday, September 30, 2013

I turned 36 on Saturday.

As part of the celebration, Jim took me to see Fun. on Tuesday.

It was . . . (wait for it) . . . fun! 

Also, we felt old. Okay, not old - our age. We felt our age. I only knew about 1/3 of their songs, my feet hurt from standing the whole time, I spent a good part of the show admiring a father/tween son in front of us trying to enjoy the show in a way that wouldn't embarrass the other (so awkward! so cute!), and we had an exit strategy: encore, one song, gone. Us and the other A-dults. "These are the people who have to pay a babysitter," Jim said as we left. Amen to that.

The rest of the week was normal: kids, work, laundry, errands  . . . but with perks. Everyone at work surprised me with streamers and cake. The pharmacy tech at CVS said, "Happy Birthday!" as she handed me my cholesterol meds. (Ahem, old.) My phone was lighting up all weekend with calls, texts and Facebook posts. (Facebook is the best for birthdays!) My college bestie came over for lunch on Saturday, and later we did one of my favorite things:

Note to self - never ever, ever, bring the boys to the beach without extra clothes or towels. I wasn't thinking. I was just relaxing for my birthday. And guess what? They didn't mind being wet and sandy one bit.

Not one bit.

It was a great weekend, full of the blessings of 36 years: My parents, who always call to sing Happy Birthday. My husband, who knows how to make me happy. My brother and extended family, who are so sweet to me. My children, who are precious and messy. My friends, old original and new, who remember many fun times and create more memories with me now. Thank you, all.

I've been reminded that life is so fun. It's a rockin' concert, daily chores, work, medicine, errands, lunch, a walk on the beach, love . . . I am grateful.
What is "fun" for you these days?

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One Response to “Fun, for 36 Years”

  1. Happy birthday, Courtney! Sounds like it was a wonderful day/week!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life