5 Minutes on Allume

Friday, October 25, 2013

So I'm here at Allume and wow, I didn't expect it to be so Holy-Spirit-is-here-working-on-me. But let me tell you, that's what is happening. I'm learning a lot about blogging and social media. I'm learning about some people and organizations doing big and powerful things for others. I'm feeling like I want to learn more about them, do something, and I'm wondering what that is. I'm also learning about and meeting women, just like me, who have a smaller voice. Not a less important one, just a smaller one.

I'm walking into rooms where I don't know anyone. I'm meeting incredibly kind and open women from Pennsylvania, Slovakia (yep) and North Carolina. I'm also meeting bloggers who I've been reading for years, and they are awesome. A couple of them weren't as amazingly nice and wonderful as I expected them to be. They aren't superstars - they're just normal people who get tired of being "on" all the time, I suspect. It's good to have that check.

I'm excited about what the rest of this day will hold, and I'm grateful for all your texts and emails and notes of encouragement. I'm glad I'm here, I'm grateful for your prayers, and I suspect that I will have many, many posts to come out of this experience.

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2 Responses to “5 Minutes on Allume”

  1. So excited to hear about it all. Makes me smile just to know you get to experience it all. I'm hoping to go some year, too.