Bacon and Brownies and Birthdays (oh my)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Have you ever been to the grocery store around 8 o'clock on a Sunday night? 

That's a lean crowd. It's twenty-somethings who are hungry and moms who forgot something. Everyone is focused and efficient. I like it.

I was there last night because my baby turns five today. My last minute prep included bacon for his breakfast this morning and brownies for his classroom snack. The check out guy was impressed, "Bacon and brownies! Good combo."

My intention was to buy brownies from the bakery, but they were sold out. Sunday night and all. So I bought a Duncan Hines mix. Paleo schmaleo. It's his birthday.

When I got home, I spent some time online looking for Lego Chima decorations for his party next weekend. I learned that if I wanted to order custom ones from a etsy shop, it's too late. I started thinking of all the places we have seen Chima gear around town - seems like they had pencils at Staples and maybe something at Target? I don't have time to drive all over trying to piece together decorations this week. One more etsy search. . . I found someone with an instant download of a printable party pack. Done and done.

So, I'll be cutting out tags and banners, ordering cupcakes from the bakery, and yes, I made brownies "from scratch." These are the realities of my party planning. It wasn't how I envisioned it all several weeks ago, but it's all getting done. 

I went to bed feeling satisfied, thinking on this: I can't do everything myself. I need creative etsy people, professional bakers and yes, even good old Duncan Hines. I'm so grateful for them. And I'm grateful for (yay! hooray!) knowing myself and my limits. That's the best part of all.
How are you chipping away at the illusion of perfection? 
Doesn't it feel good??

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3 Responses to “Bacon and Brownies and Birthdays (oh my)”

  1. I love this... it is so true. I felt a bit guilty about almost forgetting about my third child's birthday. Well, not forgetting the birthday but the planning for a party. Lots of last minute running around and definitely not doing it myself. :) Its a big one, FIVE. Happy Birthday to our birthday buddy!

  2. It's liberating when I let go of the perfect picture and actually complete something that's imperfect and meaningful. I'm all about the boxed brownie mixes. As much as I want to be a DIY expert, I'm not. Each year that passes, I find more confidence in owning those facts and that gives me more room to breathe easier and enjoy watching my son enjoy Duncan Hines from time to time. Happy Birthday to your boy! :)

  3. You go, girl! Making choices that are right for you is always the right choice. Way to shove perfectionism out of the way. The truth is, no one will care where the brownies came from or the decorations for that matter. They want to celebrate your son because that's what truly matters!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life