Being Witnessed To, Part 1

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My first emotion was offense. An elderly woman interrupted my BBC World News reading to hand me a little blue Bible. She said, "Have you heard the Good News?"

Have I heard the Good News? Are you kidding me? I write a Christian blog! I've got a Bible app right here! I was an Acteen for goodness sake!!

Then my mind raced to fear: Good gracious. Am I dressed inappropriately or something? Why did she pick me out of everyone here? Do I look bad??

All that in a nanosecond. Then I took a deep breath, smiled, and said in a now SILENT waiting room, "Yes. I have heard it. I am a Christian."

"You believe in Jesus?"

"Yes, ma'am. I do."

"Well, I'd like for you to have this Bible."

"Okay. Thank you. But I have a Bible at home. I'd hate to take it." She doesn't believe me. Clearly I look like a heathen.

"This one is good for young people. It's got an index right here," she started flipping through it, "about different ways you might be feeling. It shows you what Bible verses speak to that. I think it's really helpful for young people with everything you are going through these days."

Maybe she picked me because I'm the youngest person in this room . . . Or maybe I look like I'm going through something . . . 

She put it in my lap.

"Sure. I'll be happy to take it. Thank you. Maybe I can pass it on to someone who needs it."

She smiled at me. "Thanks for letting me talk to you. I just try to listen and go where the Lord leads me.  I talk to who he tells me to talk to."

That's brave.

But all I could say was, "Thank you."

So I've still got the Bible, and I'm wondering if God wants me to keep it, or give it away? I feel a bit selfish keeping it. (It's true, I have plenty of Bibles.) But this one reminds me of bold faith every time I look at it, and I wonder, Would I be so brave? Would I be so obedient? 

The thought of walking up to a stranger is frightening. Given my own intense internal reaction as the recipient, I'm not sure it's for me. But I trust that God will tell me what to do with it one day. Maybe He will prompt to share it with a friend, or a child, or new person I'm meeting. Maybe.

All I know for sure now is it's time for me to take the Bible out of the drawer, put it in my purse, and be ready. It might be for me to read, or it might be for me to give away. We'll see.
Have you ever witnessed to a stranger? How did it go?
Have you ever been witnessed to? How did it make you feel?

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3 Responses to “Being Witnessed To, Part 1”

  1. I hope you come back and tell us the story of where the Bible ends up.


  2. Yes to both, a long time ago. And I can say that neither one went over very well. Probably because they felt forced, not genuine. Or perhaps, too much "trying too hard". But in the story you tell, there seemed to be something about this woman, she knew when to approach and when to give the encounter some space. Maybe she did get a nudge from God to give you the Bible, but maybe not for the reason she assumed (if she assumed anything). You're sharing this story here, and already, her actions have made an impact. Very cool.

  3. I kind of am smiling and maybe a little giggle along with it. She was on a mission and you were the chosen one for the day. I would certainly read nothing into it accept that she was working on getting the Word out!

    Yes, give that bible to someone who may need it today, (maybe not quite in the manner she gave it to you ;)