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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You may think it's almost over, but Halloween is just the start of High Mask Season. It generally runs from now until sometime in mid-Januray, aka Blue Monday. (That's when we're all exhausted from constricted breathing behind the masks and must peel them off because we are turning blue.)

Not really, but I may have to add that to the Wikipedia page.

No, what I mean is we are entering the season of Everyone Putting On Their Best Face. It's been happening all year on Facebook and Pinterest, with the fabulous vacations, the always-smiling children, the amazing living rooms, and the collection of complicated "kid-friendly" Paleo recipes. Now the season doubles down with Thanksgiving tablescapes, mantles that rival Pottery Barn catalog covers,  happy Christmas cards and glittering holiday parties.

Can we please all remember that these are masks?

So many of us (me included!) are blow drying our hair, cooking extra and smiling pretty in order to pull it all off. Personally, I think it's a special time of year and I want things to be nice. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as I remember that "nice" doesn't have to be perfect and my perfection isn't the point at all anyway.

The point of this special time of year is to extend hospitality, engage in family tradition, remember our roots, dream about the future, and ultimately, celebrate the birth of only ONE who ever was perfect. 

Only one. No one else has ever been or ever will be perfect. 

Don't you think He would shake his head at what we think is perfect these days? I'm not saying you shouldn't fix your hair or make your house look nice for a party. I'm just saying we need to keep it all in perspective. No one IS the picture in the glossy card or the shined-up social media persona. We may share multiple pictures of perfection, but that doesn't mean perfection is the entire picture. We all have imperfections. We all need the one who is perfect. 

So, for the next few weeks, let's leave a little breathing room behind those masks. Let's give each other grace, refrain from unnecessary envy, and focus on the true definition of perfection. Let's not turn blue in January. 

Who's with me?

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2 Responses to “Mask Season - Just Breathe”

  1. I love this post!!! We are studying, "Grace for the Good Girl" at church and this post goes right along with that. I will share your post with my group!! It is so easy to only see the good things that people post or put forward. Most of the time it is easier to hide behind our mask rather than show people the "real" us. Thanks for the reminder as we head into this crazy holiday season!!!

  2. Beautifully written and so very true. We all end up feeling miserably inadequate when we compare ourselves to the 'outer' picture perfect selves that others present. Instead of realizing that inside - we are all very similar and that no one's life is perfect.