Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I don't know what it is - maybe the change in seasons, maybe I'm getting older - but I'm feeling cozy and private these days. I'm feeling less inclined to chase the limelight, to mold myself to fit elsewhere, or to do anything here other than write what I really (really) want to write.

This has come to mind (again) as I'm preparing to go to Allume for the first time. I want to meet other bloggers, attend sessions, and soak up information. But I'm not super psyched about the group party aspects. My mood is more one-on-one conversations, more table-for-four dinners.

Which is weird, because I can definitely be drawn to the bass-thumping, photo booth-hopping rooms. I've done my fair share of that in life, and here. I've jumped on band wagons and tried to be a part of what everyone else is doing. It can be fun, but I don't know . . . it can also be exhausting.

And maybe that's part of it. The group party part of me is kind of worn out. In "real life" I feel like I can turn it on and have a "Woot! Woot!" time every once in a while. But mostly, I'd rather be at home on a Saturday night. That's how I feel here. I'd rather this be a Saturday-night-at-home place than the scene of a Twitter party on how we can organize with some awesome product or a "Fall Fashion Giveaway!"

Well, now I'm getting snarky.

My point: I get the feeling that you all come here (whoever you are - thank you!) because you like private, too. Is that right? You like cozy and authentic. If a certain post happens to hit a trend or be cool, great. The next one is just as likely to be nerdy. Is the realness, without the overexposure (here's a picture of my kids running around naked! let me tell you about the fight we had last night!) appealing? I'd really like to know.

I hope so. Because that's how I'm feeling. And I sure do appreciate having a place to be private, and real, with you.

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6 Responses to “Private”

  1. Thanks for sharing (in private) ;). I can so relate!!

    1. I'm so glad! I feel warm and cozy knowing you "get" me. Thank you!

  2. I totally relate, Courtney. The longer I write, I get less "into" what blogging and social media has become and more into writing. I love people like you I've met and truly connected with because of your blog. I'm getting the vibe that the world is growing tired of being all up in each other's business online and are hungry for connecting with genuine people who care more about the needs of others than spitting out a set number of posts each week. Less noise, more authenticity. Love you! :)

    1. Kelly - Thank you! And, love you too, girl :) I think you have really hit on something here. Yes to genuine connections and no to information overload. Love it. I think there is a blog series in there somewhere . . .

  3. Even when you go to the 'Allume' conferernce and let's just say you and I met up, I picture us sitting in a corner and just having a good conversation together. Intimate relationship is what Jesus is after so don't go thinking you have to be all that just be your private intimate person that you are and you will shine all others will be blessed by it just as they are when they (me) come here often.

    1. Marlece - I love it when you comment. Thank you. And if you are going to Allume, you'd better let me know! We would be chatting it up in a corner and maybe even doing a little Woot!Woot! too :)