Packing the Shoeboxes

Monday, November 11, 2013

Drop Off Week is November 18-25 . . . that's next week! So run up to Target, getcha some plastic boxes, and fill them up!

If you've got kiddos, keep your expectations low. Your children will get distracted by all the shiny things. They will ask if they can get something for themselves. They will not care what kind of toothpaste you select. It's okay. They're getting it, bit by bit.

Click here to learn how to pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, and what to include. We've never actually sent shoes before. It was my 5 year old who suggested it. He also insisted on a pocket mirror for the girl because, "you have one." Duh. My 6.9 year old (he wants you to know he's nearly 7) spent a long time finding a Hot Wheels car appropriate for a girl. I hope she likes it.

Print out these handy trackable labels here. You can follow your box around the world, which is a very cool way to keep your kids involved.

So, this is the week to shop, pack and find a drop off location near you.  Do it!
Are you packing a shoebox this year? Tell me about it in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Packing the Shoeboxes”

  1. Noah and I are packing boxes this year. Just for boys this time--Noah said next year we will include girls. Love the bar code so you can track the box!

  2. The youth in our church participate in this each year. One of the ladies and her grandchildren have been able to keep in touch with the kids that received their boxes. We were fortunate enough to meet these kids and their family when we went to Africa a few years ago. It was one of the most amazing experiences.