Thanksgiving Past

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I've been holiday house-fluffing for a good two weeks now, getting ready for Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas. Having moved this summer, there are still some boxes to unpack. It's been, well, a process.

I started a photo collage on the stairwell to the play room. Treasured snapshots, a mishmash of frames . . . I feel comfortable experimenting there, in a private area. One day, I'll do something more formal on the main staircase. For now, I'm practicing and getting sidetracked by the stacks of old photos that have somehow ended up in my possession. Last week, I came across this one from a Thanksgiving past.

I'm guessing it was about 15 years ago. That was "the girls' table." The boys were in the family room around a card table. The photo gives me all sorts of warm, sentimental and sad feelings. Most of those people are gone now. My aunt and grandma have passed away, and my cousin is still in Illinois but we are not. Those Thanksgivings in Petersburg were a tradition, until nobody lived there anymore and now . . . they're not.

This year, we're hosting my husband's immediate family. (Have I ever mentioned that he's the youngest of seven?) I've followed the magazine-advice (and my mother's example), pulling out platters to polish, labeling where the food will go, and doing as much ahead of time as possible. The house will be clean and the toys will be put away, and I will not be stressed because I'm also following the heart of the photo: it's being together that counts.

When I look at that photo, I don't remember what we ate, what was on the walls, or what we wore. I simply remember the feeling of the house, and what it was like to be together as a family.

That's what we are going to remember here in 15 years, too.

Unless of course I burn the turkey, drop the pies or forget the dressing. All distinct possibilities. Then we'll have something to laugh about, and that will be good, too.

May your Thursday be joyful, and Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Past”

  1. Same to you, that is right, it's really about the family not the rest (even though.....we strive for both) Have a successful day!

  2. Happy Turkey Day to the sweet Buxtons! Hope you have tons to laugh about on Thursday! Love, the Von Sees

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Courtney!