This Month - November

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday, happy day-after-the-sugar, happy put-those-nasty-costumes-away, happy fall, happy cozy, happy we-will-gain-an-hour-this-weekend, Happy November 1st. 

Deep breath. Ahhhh.

November is one of my favorite months. It is finally (fairly) safe to break out the jeans and boots around here, maybe even a sweater or two. The crock pot can become a permanent fixture on my counter. The stores are bustling with Christmas, of course, but I'm putting on blinders and focusing on Thanksgiving. Pilgrims and their simpler (incredibly hard) time, turkey and dressing, football, no presents to exchange, and maybe a nap on the couch. It's lovely, and I'm thankful. Thankful is going to be my theme around here and elsewhere on social media this month. Join me with #thankfulnovember. I'm hoping it will keep me focused.

November is also shoebox time. If you've never packed a shoebox full of simple Christmas gifts for a child in a village or slum or orphanage "somewhere out there," then this year, you can! Operation Christmas Child is a tradition in our house, and one that my boys look forward to and enjoy. I mean, sure, one of their clearest memories of it is that when it was time to drop off our shoeboxes last year, my oldest was having a complete melt-down fit, but hey - it's part of our collective history. It's something they ask me about, "Are we going to do that again this year?" and it definitely provides all of us with some welcome perspective. 

If you'd like to participate in Operation Christmas Child, click here to learn more or over on the sidebar.  National Collection week is November 18-25. I promise, it will make you feel awfully thankful once Thanksgiving rolls around. 

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Our church does the shoebox gifts. I love the focus on something other than ourselves.. I love November, too. The calm before the storm.