Monday, January 13, 2014

Sometimes, a subject hunts me down. I bump into it in innocent conversations. I start to notice it in places I never noticed before, scales falling from my eyes. I pick up a magazine - there it is. I wander around the internet, and goodness, how do I end up on it again?

Must be a theme building, must be time to submit. So, what is pursuing me these days?

My smartphone is a giant distraction.
It is stifling my life.

Is it true that our world looks like this?
(If you're reading via email, click here to watch the video.)

Oh, that hits so close to home. I am viewing so much, too much, through a screen. Must it all be recorded, posted and shared worldwide?

How is this affecting my children? Most days, am I grasping their childhood, or am I missing it?

Oh, sure. I could be worse.

But I could do better.
Parenting is not supposed to be a time-saving experience. Parenting is time-consuming, time-investing - but not time-saving. The Read-Aloud Handbook
Yeah. I could do better. I am going to do better.
Is your smartphone a distraction? How can you do better?

And with Amy for #RiskRejection

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6 Responses to “Distractions”

  1. Courtney, funny how this topic has entered my mind the past couple of days as well. I watched the video a couple of week's ago and I read a couple of more articles a day or so ago. I know I can do better. I have decided to implement some strict downtime. I am going to keep the phone on because we don't want to miss Stephen's calls but there will be no texting, FBing, e-mailing during the set hours. I think we need to be "bored" in order to start deeper conversations sometimes. I feel like I am having a constant need to be entertained and my kids are going off my cues. Time for some more family basketball games and interaction. :)

    1. Yes - I love how you put that, Caroline. "We need to be "bored" in order to start a deeper conversation sometimes." That is so, so true. When I let my mind wander a bit, more interesting thoughts come. Same with the kids. It's often after a moment or two of silence that they come up with something profound, or share something that's been on their mind.

  2. I still have the ancient kind of phone, I am happy with it, keeps me out of trouble (smile)

  3. I saw this video on FB and watched it. I felt really convicted. And so, I am resolving to look at it less. God showed me that it was totally sapping my time AND my energy. I didn't realize how reading about everyone's lives or gleaning so much info from articles was weighing me down really quickly.

  4. So this is EXACTLY why I will stick to my little blue slide phone with a terrible (almost unusable camera) and no internet.

    BUT it's almost like we are being forced to go with a smartphone because now it's used for EVERYTHING! I went to a training recently that talked about having kids scan QR codes when they walked in the door of their classrooms to answer questions about homework…what??

    Blah. I want to live on a farm…minus all of the farming, of course. Ha!