Holiday Reading Review

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One nice thing about all this cold and cozy winter weather . . . it's a good excuse to stay in and read! Here is what's been by my bed, lately.

This was a total nerd indulgence on my part. I was working at the elementary school book fair (totally in my happy place bytheway) and I could not resist. I thought maybe when my oldest started reading on his own, I should stop reading out loud to him. Wrong. This book has not only challenged my ideas on that subject, but has encouraged me to spend that quality time with my boys. Dare I say, I'm actually enjoying reading out loud to each of them more? I highly recommend this book. 

I picked up Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day when I was at my parents' house for Christmas. Their house is like a library - shelves and shelves of books. I love that. I can always find something good, a classic I missed or one I didn't even know about. Miss Pettigrew is one of those books I'd heard of, but didn't know much about. It is a light story, but with witty dialogue and an interesting setting. It fed the brain and entertained the mind. I might have to look up the movie version, next. (Have you seen it? Any good?)

Maybe one of the best things I discovered at Allume, The Growly Books by Philip and Erin Ulrich. I first heard of Erin thanks to her web design firm, Design by Insight. Turns out she and her husband live in the Upstate of SC and are uber creative - as in, they've written and published this lovely children's book series together. Talk about some quality couple time! Begin is (duh) the first book of Growly's adventure. Jim and I took turns reading this one to the boys, and they loved it. We enjoyed it, too, and just ordered book number 2, Widewater

This book, by the hugely successful Money Saving Mom, is coming out on January 21st. I got an early copy at Allume, and during the holiday rush the title alone appealed to me. I was like, "Yes. Tell me! How do I say goodbye?" The answers are fairly straightforward, and easy to take, with Crystal's real life examples and friendly writing style. This isn't like Martha Stewart, who has a staff, telling you how to manage your life. This is a highly motivated and organized woman who manages a business, home, marriage and children herself, giving you some pointers. Two tips I've taken to heart: sleep, and just go ahead and do one load of laundry every day. 
Have you read any good books lately?

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