A Do-Over

Friday, February 7, 2014

Last weekend, I went to my church's women's retreat. A room full of women in yoga pants, so happy not to be in charge of anything. It was glorious. 

A few of us started talking about how January was a rough month. True, it only snowed here once - but hey, it snowed here. Sleet! Ice! 

We're not used to that. 

For school children, the month involved two delayed start days, two snow days, two teacher-work days, and a MLK holiday. This means that mothers were scrambling like mad for most of the month. I don't think we've had a regularly-scheduled week since mid-December.

If you can count December as "normal" in the preschool/elementary school world. (You can't.)

So, we're ready for a do-over. A re-start. It was a universal declaration.

This week didn't exactly turn out like an over-the-rainbow Pinterest board, but we made it. We are here, on the cusp of the weekend, ready to recharge for the next do-over.

I'm grateful to the God of it's never too late to start again for that opportunity.

Happy Weekend, Friends.

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