Love at the Top of the Stairs

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just when I called February a do-over . . . 

We got two more "snow" days here. It's fun at first. I took the boys with me to the office for a bit, we came home and cuddled, snacked, and watched way too much TV. We let them stay up later than normal, and I read two chapters in Growly (as we call it) instead of just one.

But then halfway through the next day, when the internet and phone service went out, and I was on the phone with Comcast(ic), and the boys were suddenly starting World War Three - the fun is gone.

I listened to their tearful tales of what the other brother had done, and then I resorted to a solution from days of yore, when we would often spend all day at home together: Quiet Time. I might as well have suggested that they hang upside down and polish silver - it was that unfair and ridiculous to them. (Though I'm not convinced that is a bad idea . . . )

Knowing Quiet Time would need enforcement, I parked myself at the top of the stairs with a stale Starbucks muffin and the new Good Housekeeping.

Oh sure, there were many other things for me to do, but sometimes motherhood demands that I surrender the list, and make myself a literal doorstop.

Best hour I've spent in a long time.

Later, we were able to finish their (store-bought, very simple) valentines for classmates, and create a few original ones for family. 

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with love, even if that means parking it at the top of the stairs like a warden.

Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Weekend, Friends.

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6 Responses to “Love at the Top of the Stairs”

  1. Sounds very familiar Courtney! And our "quiet time out" resulted in some awesome homemade Valentines too! Isn't it nice that we get to be the Valentines today! Know in a few years, I won't be their most special girl! Great to see you and that hubs of your last weekend! -MVS

    1. Very sad to think about not being their most special girl! Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Love it - and you know, I blame Winter Storm PAX on you - if you had only not called February a do-over...:-) Going in to a long weekend now, I will certainly be thinking of you and probably make myself a literal doorstop.

    1. Isn't it hilarious that they name winter storms now? Don't forget your magazine if you become a doorstop! :)

  3. Good job, you on being the human doorstop. All a part of motherhood, right? Oh, and I have never heard of Growly. I must go click.

  4. Oh how I loved quiet time. Probably because after my daughters read a few books they fell asleep! My girls were 9 years apart (not by choice) so I didn't have the bickering. But quiet is good!