A Good Book and a Yummy Candle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I tried to read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a few months ago. I couldn't get past the detailed description of asparagus. I like asparagus, and I'm generally interested in natural living and how things grow, but four pages was too much for me.

I know, you loved that book. You can't believe I didn't like it. I know. Maybe I'll try it again later. 

Meanwhile, I was cruising my Kindle and came upon Ms. Kingsolver's The Bean Trees. It takes place mostly in Arizona, and I sort of like books that take me someplace I've never been before. It is about a scrappy young girl (well, two really) and gritty but beautiful real world situations. I don't mind books that push me on tough issues (I think that's sort of the point of writing, honestly), but I want them to end in a way that doesn't leave me distraught. The Bean Trees did just that. By the last page, I felt that my eyes had been opened and a desire to act with more compassion. The Bean Trees was Ms. Kingsolver's first novel, and if you haven't read it, I think you will like it. If you have, did you?

Last Friday, Jim and I braved the cold, damp, and muddy conditions to venture downtown to the Wine + Food Festival. While Jim thoroughly enjoyed all the viticulture (ah, a new word!), I spied this:

I'd read about the new Produce Candles in Charleston Magazine, and was intrigued. Seeing and smelling them in person, I was sold. I bought Kale and Carrots. They are fresh and delightful - and that's coming from a girl who isn't big on candles. I usually scoff at them as a waste of money for heavy faux scents. 

But on this rainy day, that clean crisp aroma from the adorable Kale jar on my kitchen counter is going to carry me through the afternoon. That, and hopefully the discovery of another good book on my Kindle soon.
What books or products are capturing your attention this week?

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One Response to “A Good Book and a Yummy Candle”

  1. I just finished a book a girl I went to high school with wrote, Faking Normal. It's geared toward young males and females, but I think it's a story even adults can learn from and maybe even relate to. I highly recommend it.

    I'm currently reading Love and Respect. It's by a man who discusses Ephesians 5:33 and how men and women can use this verse to help improve their marriage and the way they treat one another. It's very interesting and helpful information.