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Monday, March 24, 2014

Thought you'd like to see a few pictures from the Walk for Water on Saturday.

It was supposed to rain, but of course it didn't. God is good that way.
I'll be honest, the boys only carried those buckets for about a minute (that's why we only got 2 for our family of 4!) and they complained about walking sooooo faaaaaar. This was the first year we did not bring some kind of wheels for them - no wagon and certainly no stroller. As another mother said, "If they can walk around Disney World for 10 hours without complaining, then they can do this."

Amen, sister. Amen.

And when they complained, I got to explain, "Well, the length of this walk is kind of the point. This is what some kids do every day."

"Sometimes more than once a day!" my husband chimed in.

"Exactly. And definitely with no granola bar snack on the way. Think about if you were walking through a jungle to get to a river. You might have to watch out for snakes, or alligators. Think about how happy the kids who have to do this must feel when one of these water systems comes to their village. Not only do they get clean water, but no more long or scary walks!"
We tried to deliver that message gently, and (I'll be honest again) it only kind of worked. The whining didn't end, but it got better. I believe there were some wheels turning inside their sweaty little heads when we poured the dirty water into the system, and watched it come out clean.
So. Whatever "the walk" is in your community, I challenge you to get your family out there and do it. The walk, the run, the food drive, the whatever. You know there is something out there going on that you've thought about doing. 

Do it.

You don't have to do everything. Just one. But pick something that gets your out of your routine, that challenges you just a bit. It's not easy to motivate early on a Saturday morning, to find parking, or coffee. There will be complaints. You will forget your sunglasses and you will feel the back of your neck start to burn for lack of sunscreen. 

But then . . . you will see friends from across town and those who live next door. (Literally, we did.) You will read signs of encouragement. People will come out onto their porches to wave and clap and watch. You will realize that they are watching you do something

And you're doing it as a family. That's pretty great.

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One Response to “Do the Thing”

  1. I love that you do this every year. For the past 3 years (except Hannah was sick this year) we have volunteered at the same trailer park. My kids always look forward to cleaning their playground for them, washing the picnic tables, and playing with the kids who live there. It resets them a bit -- activates those caring centers in their hearts and makes them appreciate what they have.