Laundry for 5 and 7 Year Old Boys

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's no secret that boys are digusto.

I'm sure your girls get messy, too. But I wonder . . . Do you have to carry clothes outside to shake out the dirt, rocks, mulch, and wood chips before you put them into the washing machine? Is there sand in the space below your dryer vent, that you can't figure out how to remove? Do you throw away only-worn-twice-but-now-ruined socks on a regular basis?

For me, laundry is a down and dirty, daily event. And as I was slogging through it the other day, it occurred to me that we should compare notes.

I expect my boys to help me with the laundry. They aren't quite ready to do it themselves. (Scratch that - I'm sure they are capable. I haven't relinquished control or admitted my trust in that department yet. I admit it.) For now, their participation involves:
  • Collecting laundry baskets from around the house and bringing them down to the laundry room
  • Sometimes helping me sort
  • Folding simple items
  • Always putting away their own clothes after I've folded them

How does it work at your house? Any tips for this daily task?

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2 Responses to “Laundry for 5 and 7 Year Old Boys”

  1. I love this post. It got me laughing this morning because, with 3 busy boys, there's no telling what I will find doing laundry! How about their drawers?! I've had to let go of the fact that no matter how many times I fold their clothes, their drawers look like someone stirred them with a giant soup spoon.

  2. I completely understand your sentiments! As far the sand in the bottom of the dryer...pull out the dryer from the wall so you can get to the back side, remove the vent hose thing, and vacuum from the back side. You can clean out the vent hose or just go get a new one for $12. This makes a world of difference. I had tons of sand and build up in my dryer vents and cleaning from the back and replacing that hose has reduced drying time from an hour & a half to 50 minutes or less!
    And I hear you on the socks. I feel like I am constantly buying new socks.