Weekend's Work: Yard, House, Heart

Monday, March 31, 2014

Then Sunday morning.

A few years ago, when I was teaching 2-3 year old Sunday School, a little boy bit me. He was the worst. He ran down the hall if the door was ajar. He did not share, he hit the other children, he cried and raged. He became the one I would dread. Oh please, Lord, let him miss this Sunday.

He was always there. I put him in time out, I re-explained the rules, and I kept him close by. Often, I held him for the entire hour. If he was going to hit or kick or bite someone, it would be me. He became my side project, and he exhausted me.

I taught a different age the next year. Classes switched around and I didn’t see him much. Then one day, he was back in my class. I exclaimed in the overly-joyous way I do when I get nervous and I’m not quite sure what to say, “Hellooo!”

He looked up at me shyly and smiled, “Hi, Miss Courtney.” He gave me a hug. I stood there astonished. He smiled, he played nicely, he followed instructions, and he eyed me like a sweet puppy. He was a different child.

Or maybe the same one as before. Just . . . revealed. Layers shed. There for me to see.

He is my little buddy now, and he seems to find my everywhere. He looks for me when we “pass the peace,” always with that sweet little smile. It’s so adorable I can hardly stand it. And I can hardly believe he is the same child I used to dread.

I know that he was so young before. But there is something about this boy – I can’t just write it off as part of childhood. I feel like he is a little message to me from God that I shouldn’t judge too quickly. That being patient and kind matters. That people need a chance, and I simply don’t know what lies beneath. 

I'm realizing that maybe he was always my little buddy. He's been causing me to send up prayers for years now, and these days he is the one reminding me how to behave. 

So. Yard work, house work, and heart work. What was your weekend's work?

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