Friday Benediction: Boundless

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sometimes I come home and find my coffee cup in the microwave. Those last few sips cold, nuked and forgotten, sorely missed around two o'clock.

The leaves cover the walk that I just swept and yellow pollen dust clings to everything. 

Dinner is not anything fancy. But I entertain with instructions on how to make guacamole. Our first grader holds an imaginary television camera and feeds me lines. Our preschooler provides the laugh track. Our cooking show is a success. 

I can then think about God's greatest commandments, to love Him and each other. Simple as that. 

And this makes sense:

Happy Weekend, Friends.

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One Response to “Friday Benediction: Boundless”

  1. Cute - your boys are so creative! That is hilarious about the cooking show. Did you channel Julia Child for them? I can see them cracking up with whatever lines Big Guy was feeding you!