Good Enough

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I think of myself as a purger, but the piles of preschool artwork in both my sons' closets indicates otherwise. 
You wouldn't believe how much I've actually thrown away. Well, you probably would. I'm sure you find the same papers and precious projects crammed into the bottom of book bags every Friday. I'm envious of those teachers, and how they manage to get the crafts completed and out of their classrooms so quickly. "Ball's in your court now, Mom!" 

I've seen the Pintrest projects but I'm not motivated or in the right mood yet to tackle the sorting necessary to whittle these piles down to manageable size. I've just been cramming more in to each boy's box . . . until they could hold no more. 
Paper bag of crafts, anyone?
One of the blessings of our new house is storage space. There is a partial attic in our FROG that is mostly empty - so far. My oldest son discovered a light switch in there a few weeks ago, and that's been a revelation. I cleaned it out, and as I stared at the problematic school work boxes a light bulb went off in my head:

Move the stuff into larger boxes and shove it into this usable space! 

It's not "correct" or pretty, but it is good enough. And sometimes, that (and bigger boxes) is just what you need.
Do you ever rest in the "good enough" system of organization?

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