Making the Most of Your Screen Time

Monday, April 7, 2014

I struggle with this. 

On Saturday morning the boys were watching cartoons and Jim was at the farm. We'd already raked four bags of leaves, I'd gone for a jog and done the dishes. Perfect time to sit down and write, right? I could get ahead on posts, or jot some ideas down. Except I felt zero creativity. 

Instead of forcing the issue, I opened my computer and decided to embrace the Saturday-morning-get-'er-done mood I was in. Perfect time to delete a bunch of emails, create folders for those ones that were still sitting in my In Box and answer the ones that need to be answered. It took a lot of self-discipline NOT to do some online shopping, scroll through Facebook or peruse Pinterest. I'm not always so diligent.

We all know that screen time can be a giant black hole. You turn it on with the most noble of intentions - I'm going to look up that recipe! or I'm going to check my bank balance! or I'm finally going to respond to Aunt Sally's email! Thirty minutes later, you look up, astonished at the time, and wonder - Wait. What did I sit down to do? 

I have found that paying attention to my mood helps me avoid the black hole. Sometime I want to zone out and waste time. When I'm in that brain-dead space, it's not the time to try and balance our checking account. It IS the time to endlessly scroll. Peruse, away. When I'm feeling creative, I shouldn't open ANY social media. That's the time to go straight to a blank page and write. When I'm feeling sharp and focused, that's when I should tackle the heady jobs - only opening the tabs related to the tasks at hand.

Notice I said, should. This is something I'm working on. Simply being honest about my mood, paying attention to the time of day, when I'm likely to be "sharp" and when I'm not, has helped me tremendously. 
Do moods effect your online productivity? How do you make the most of your screen time?

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