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Second, sleep deprivation makes it more likely that you will crave unhealthy foods. Instead of nutritious, low-calorie foods, you want foods that are high in sugar or high in carbohydrates. While high-carb, high-sugar foods are not the healthiest choices, they are usually high in calories. When you are deprived of sleep, you may not be consuming adequate nutrition, but you are consuming calories that can add more weight. Also, it can be difficult to resist cravings when you are tired, unfocused, and desperately need sleep.


Third, sleep affects your intake of calories. Individuals who enjoy a few extra hours of sleep tend to eat less. Individuals who are sleep deprived tend to eat more. However, eating more does not always result in weight gain. Women, especially, who have an adequate sleep are less likely to experience unwanted weight gain. This benefit can occur even if they consume more calories than women who are sleep deprived. This does not only affect young people. Many people think weight gain is a natural, unavoidable part of aging. When combined with other factors of a healthy lifestyle, plenty of sleep each night can prevent unwanted weight gain as you grow older.


Sleep deprivation can affect your fertility. It can be harmful to both women and men who want to become parents. In both cases, there is a relationship between sleep and hormones. Sleep can even determine the success or failure of in vitro fertilization. Whether you are male or female and want a child, take your sleep habits seriously. Long-term sleep deprivation can increase your risk of infertility. The sooner you develop healthier habits, the better your chance of success. Fertility issues cannot be corrected overnight.

Sleep Exhaustion and Bone Density

If you want perfect sleep, you will want to wear yourself out during the day with rigorous exercise using an elliptical machine. There is a Bow-flex Tread-climber comparison if you click to check it out. You will be brought through the different types of trainers you can have access to. This will help your bones stay strong as well. If you already have a calcium deficiency, you can check out a review on a Focused Nutrients page on the web. Most of the time, if you are not over 40, you shouldn’t worry about this.